New Poop Pouch Brings Convenience and Safety to Your Life

Consider embarking on an exciting adventure with a new poop pouch, which is the new way to handle dog poop. It will add a healthy dose of convenience to your busy life and will also ensure that your life is safer and healthier. It will make you stand out as a responsible pet owner who is in tune with the risks of dog poop and also as a good citizen who joyfully grabs the future, rather than continuing to stay immersed in the past. As you venture out to enjoy your outing with your canine friend and your new and unique poop pouch, you will shout out to all, and hopefully also help educate them.

Your first dose of convenience comes with the interior pockets in the pouch which holds your empty dog waste bags. Having your waste bags always available removes that last-minute frustration of remembering to grab them when you head out the door. Having them safely secured in your poop pouch will also protect them from rips, tears or wall weakening – something that often occurs if you stuff them in your pockets. Your dog waste bags are conveniently and readily available as soon as you need them. donate your poop

After scooping up your pet feces with your dog poop bag, you simply place it back into your poop pouch. Convenience and safety continue to be connected. Convenience is a factor because you simply tie the bag and place it in the pouch and forget about it. Safety is connected because your dog waste bags are now securely and safely protected from bumps, scrapes and jostling which may certainly permit the spillage of the dog poop. Considering the disease carrying capacity of dog waste, spillage is not an event that you would want to encounter. A single gram of dog feces contains 23 million coliform bacteria along with the potential for numerous parasites, including 5 different worms and their eggs. Keeping your dog poop bag safe and secure in your pouch will ensure that these disease risks stay contained within the poop bag and won’t be spread to you. In addition, your discreetness is proclaimed to all. Rather than juggling your ugly bag of feces in your hand or tied to your leash for all to see, you instead have given a view of the future – dog waste that is now out of sight, were it should have been all along. Just as human feces belongs in the toilet, not in view for all to see, so does dog waste. And dog poop has much more potential to cause disease than human poop.

Which brings us to the final safety issue for the future – we must now wash our hands after handling dog poop. We now know why. We need to learn how. The poop pouch tackles convenience and safety once again. A bottle of hand sanitizer is conveniently inverted in a side pocket. One small press on the pocket will dispel a drop into your palm, which can then be dispersed over your hands and protect you from the disease risks you have encountered by using your dog poop bag. Even if you touched nothing, this procedure is required – just like after using toilet facilities. Your health and your safety will be protected if you make this slight change in your dog poop pickup practices. This change speaks of the future and our new knowledge of the risks of dog waste. Hopefully, this change in your behavior will also help educate others to also ensure their health and safety.



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